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sunstone necklace sterling silver jewelry.  Sun with rays created with recycled sterling silver and genuine sunstone is hand set into hand made bezel.  Sparkly orange sunstone necklace - drake designs jewelry

Sunstone pendant necklace hand crafted with recycled sterling silver

$ 82.00

Sterling silver orange sunstone necklace 

Sunstone necklace is hand crafted from recycled sterling silver sheet and wire and natural organic stone.  The bezel is crafted to fit each unique stone, then a border is created with sterling silver wire which is hand stamped and soldered. Pendant is oxidized and polished.  Finally, the sunstone is hand set in the bezel.  Each stone and necklace will be unique and variations will occur.  Select necklace length from the drop down menu.  Each one is unique and different.  These are done in a small limited quantity... Once sold, they are gone!   

Sunstone is said to be a joyful light inspiring stone.  It is thought to instill joy for life and to bring light and energy.

Sunstone is a natural stone and should be treated with some care. It should not remain immersed in water for long periods.  It  and should not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners or exposed to high heat.  It is 6.5 to 7.2 on the Mohs scale, but has cleavage in two direction, so some care should be taken.

Check back often as I am always designing and creating new things!  These are the beginning of a new collection including a variety of natural gemstones... stay tuned!

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